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Welcome to my plant-based world, where preparing delicious, life-affirming cuisine is easy, adventurous, and down-right delicious.


About Vita

I am here to share the joy and knowledge I have acquired over the past 25 years of preparing vegan cuisine.  My vegan journey began in 1995 with my mother’s bout with cancer. I transformed loss into healing. Food is sustenance, art, culture, and history. I weave all of these elements together in demonstrations, interactive lessons, talks, and writing. I also explore a wide range of ethnic cuisines, including Soul Food, West African, Caribbean, Thai, and more. Make an inquiry, and I can design a delicious event that meets your needs.



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Virtual interactive happy hours are the perfect cure for the pandemic blues. Registration and dissemination of grocery and utensil lists happen in advance of the sessions.  I demonstrate a cocktail and guests follow along.  Schedule your own session using the contact form below.



Virtual Cooking Videos

Watch me in culinary action in a 4-Part Cooking Series in collaboration with the 11 Street Bridge Park’s Building Bridges Across The River (BBAR) urban farms.  

PART I: Berry Crumble

 In this session, we made an easy, delicious crumble that featured blueberries from the BBAR farms.  The best part is that six cups of any fresh fruit will work!  WATCH VIDEO.

PART II: Roasted Squash

 In this session, we peeled, chopped, and roasted the squash in a maple, bourbon glaze. The dish takes 20 minutes to bake and will be a great addition to any holiday table.  WATCH VIDEO.

PART III: "Cream" of Mushroom Soup

SOUPer Tuesday featured potatoes and onions from the BBAR farms.  I demonstrated how to make the “cream” in homemade mushroom soup by blending white potatoes with almond milk with hearty, delicious results.  WATCH VIDEO.

PART IV: Collard Green Wontons

In the final session, we made a pot of greens using no additional water.  Then, I performed some cultural fusion by making collard green wontons and serving them with hot sauce for dipping. WATCH VIDEO.


Culture, Travel, Adventure


Food is a delicious way to experience friendship, culture and place in the comfort of one’s own kitchen. Future blog posts will reflect this philosophy.

Ghanaian Jollof Rice

I spent the summer of 1994 studying at the University of Ghana in Ghana, West Africa.  I fell in love with the cuisine and learned the basics of it from a family that hosted me for a day.  Jollof rice became one of my favorites, but only recently did I master the art of it. One day I’ll share this dish in a cooking session. 

Indian Dal Made of Pureed Spaghetti and Zucchini Squash

Indian is one of my favorite cuisines.  Turmeric, cumin, coriander, cardamon, and garam masala are spices that are always in my cabinet.  Usually made by pureeing lentils, dal is one of my favorite Indian soups.  I made this version by pureeing two different varieties of squash with delicious results. To top it all off, the squash were gifts from my friends’ gardens.

Roasted Hen of the Woods Mushrooms

I am a mushroom lover. Mushrooms are hearty and a great substitute for meat texture.  Some of my favorites include portobello, baby bella, shitake, and oyster.  Thanks to my neighbor Jeff who forages, I have been introduced to chicken of the woods and hen of the woods mushrooms.  Hen of the woods, also known as maitake, has become my absolute favorite.  I can eat whole baking sheets at a time.


What Clients Are Saying


Whether for fun, team-building, education, or social justice, I curate food sessions that fit the unique needs of individuals, organizations, and agencies.

“11 Street Bridge Cooking Series”

I had the pleasure of planning and working the Levita 4 weeks during the month of September on a cooking series entitled: Cooking with Vita the Vegan Chef. This was an amazing series where Levita and moderator Maya took our organization’s online audiences through the preparation of several feel good vegan fall recipes! Levita brought herself to the table every week sharing her passion for food and wellness with us.

Destinee Johnson, Program Associate

Tikkun Ha-Ir, Repair the city

Levita brought her talents and passions together this summer to reach a group of teenage Jewish activists who were taking part in a week-long program called Tikkun Ha’Ir, or repairing the city. During the program, they learned about poverty, homelessness, racial justice and cross cultural relations between African Americans and Jewish Americans. For three days, they lived on a SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, historically known as Food Stamps) allowance, while trying to eat healthfully—and deliciously—and that’s where Levita came in. 

Doug Fishman, Co-Director

“Royal Athletes Summer Camp”

Vita the Vegan Chef is absolutely amazing! She led and taught our youth campers how to make black bean burgers! Not only were the burgers tasty and delicious but our campers gained so much knowledge and information on tips to eating healthy and the benefits each ingredient provided. We absolutely loved the cooking session and plan to do more!”   

Prince Botchway, Owner




What Service Are You Interested In?

Ask a vegan cooking question or suggest a culinary event.  Include the type of event (friends gathering, team building, birthday party, happy hour, etc.), date, time, number of people, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  Vita will promptly get back to you.